All good things must come to an end. Fiddler has closed, the cast has left, and its time to move on to the next portion of our time here at Barrington: our “Rhythms of Life” cabaret and the one act. It really is a bittersweet time as many new exciting things are happening while having to move on from the daily routine of a four week run. What makes theatre such a unique and special art is that everything is fleeting — every production comes to an end at some point. It is one of the reasons that this art is so special. New relationships are formed from the process of creating the show. Each one is unique and can never be replicated from one production to another. Being a part of this production has been a priceless experience for me. I have learned so much from the people I’ve met and the relationships built and I know I will continue to remain in contact with many. One of the greatest challenges that Fiddler posed for me was doing the three hour show eight times a week. It really is as hard as it sounds! Never before have I earned/enjoyed a day-off more then I did during this run. It was also encouraging for me, knowing that I was able to do it. I never lost my voice, or danced “too hard” and was always able to give a great show. This has been a great test for me as many future productions I hope to be in will have a similar schedule. And after being a part of this production of Fiddler, the Boston Marathon doesn’t seem too out of reach!

Cabaret rehearsals are underway at full throttle and I could not be more excited to share our hard work with the audiences of BSC. The MTA’s got to give a little taste test last week for the rest of the Fiddler cast. It was an incredible time because not only did our fellow cast mates get to see us in another light other then that of Anatevka but we got to see how some of the numbers were received by an audience; how we sounded with adrenaline pumping through, and what it would be like singing in the new William Finn Cabaret space. We called it a Piano Bar/Open Mic Night, and it is definitely on my list as one of my best evenings here so far. Working on a cabaret is a new kind of performance for me. Because of how intimate the space is, one is not playing a character while singing a song but rather sharing a part of themselves with an audience while telling a story. It is a difficult scenario because all of these songs (in our Cabaret) come from musicals, and have a specific place in the musical’s plot, and here we are taking it out of that plot line and fitting it into our own.

All is well for me here in the Berkshires and I cannot wait to continue sharing my love for performing with more audiences to come.