Fall Springs Battle of the Bands

July 28 at 7pm  ●  Tavern at the A

Sponsored in part by WUPE/WBEC FM

Eloise Bradley, Felix Cushman, Vera Mariposa and Cooper Mitford comprise the band Impending Doom from the brand-new musical Fall Springs. Their soon-to-be hit song, “Sinking into Oblivion”, is a signature song in the show. The band is hosting the local Fall Springs Battle of the Bands. We invite local, amateur bands to submit live music for review. Impending Doom will narrow down to five finalists. The five finalists will perform a two-song set on July 28. The winners will be determined by the audience and the band. It will be an exciting night of music and laughter, and the evening will kick off with Impending Doom singing “Sinking Into Oblivion”. Hosted by 95.9’s Bryan Slater and Cheryl Adams from WUPE FM.

Questions? Email battleofthebands@barringtonstageco.org for more details.

Rules and Regulations