Barrington Stage Announces 2017 Season

  National Press Contacts Matt Ross Public Relations – (212) 756-1248 Matt Ross / Nicole Capatasto / Claire Wojciechowski Berkshire Press Contact Charlie Siedenburg - 551-655-0968     BARRINGTON STAGE COMPANY ANNOUNCES 2017 SEASON  - KUNSTLER By Jeffrey Sweet; Directed by Meagen Fay On the St. Germain Stage May 18 – June 10, 2017  [...]

Check out this MAN OF LA MANCHA podcast!

Take a listen to this conversation between BSC Artistic Director (and Director of Man of La Mancha) Julianne Boyd and Jeff McCarthy, Felicia Boswell, and Tom Alan Robbins.

Podcast – Sharr White

A conversation with "The Other Place" playwright Sharr White, as he discusses his process for developing a new play – from an initial idea to the fully realized production. Moderated by Barrington Stage Artistic Director Julianne Boyd.

PMP Blog: Pieces Falling into Place

I knew the day would come when it was time to write my final PMP blog. But I’ve put it off because I’m not quite ready to feel nostalgic. I’m guessing this is how some of the PMPers are also feeling. For more than six months, they juggled home and homework. Jobs and family and [...]

PMP Blog: Getting Lost & Finding Your Way

“Let’s stumble through the scenes,” Kate Merrigan says. “It’s going to be messy.” Two weeks have gone by since I’ve been at a PMP session. If this is “messy,” then come performance time, these scenes are going to be spectacular. Tonight’s rehearsal takes place in a new space—a tiny anteroom, in fact—and to my untrained [...]

PMP Blog: Theater Kids

I was a theater kid. I held my best friend captive while I sang a Sondheim medley. A musical score swelled around me when I walked to the bus stop. I recited Juliet’s balcony scene to anyone who would listen. My older brother told me that there was nothing more boring than a theater person [...]

PMP Blog: You Say Potato…

YOU SAY POTATO, I SAY POTAHTO…Meet Chris Newbound Some people spell it “playwrite” but I’ve always preferred “playwright”, using the Old English suffix that means “builder”. Writing a play seems as much craft as art, and there’s something comforting and wholly appropriate about aligning myself with boatwrights, wheelwrights and hey, even the Wright brothers. I’ve [...]

PMP Blog: My Favorite Things

Last Thursday, as I watched two PMP kids shape a scene, I was impressed by their fearless improvisational dexterity. The scene’s basic through-line was the friction that comes when two characters are engaged in the same activity, but have opposing objectives. These actors kind of had a sense of the beginning and sort of knew [...]

PMP Blog: A Sitcom Universe

When I was young, I dreaded slumber parties. I only went because it was easier to accept an invitation from somebody as formidable as Kathy Schlegel than to try and come up with an excuse to not go. It was a badge of honor to see who could stay up and talk. All night. I [...]