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Playwright Mentoring Project

PMP Blog: Getting Lost & Finding Your Way

“Let’s stumble through the scenes,” Kate Merrigan says. “It’s going to be messy.” Two weeks have gone by since I’ve been at a PMP session. If this is “messy,” then come performance time, these scenes are going to be spectacular. Tonight’s rehearsal takes place in a new space—a tiny anteroom, in fact—and to my untrained […]

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PMP Blog: Theater Kids

I was a theater kid. I held my best friend captive while I sang a Sondheim medley. A musical score swelled around me when I walked to the bus stop. I recited Juliet’s balcony scene to anyone who would listen. My older brother told me that there was nothing more boring than a theater person […]

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PMP Blog: You Say Potato…

YOU SAY POTATO, I SAY POTAHTO…Meet Chris Newbound Some people spell it “playwrite” but I’ve always preferred “playwright”, using the Old English suffix that means “builder”. Writing a play seems as much craft as art, and there’s something comforting and wholly appropriate about aligning myself with boatwrights, wheelwrights and hey, even the Wright brothers. I’ve […]

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