I am sitting here on the equity cot in the green room of the Boyd-Quinson Mainstage, writing on my brand new Samsung computer. It is the end of week one of rehearsal for Lord of the Flies. My name is Joseph LaBrasca. I am 14 year old actor from Lee, Ma. You may remember me as Chip from the Barrington Stage Youth theatre’s production of Beauty and the Beast. I will be portraying the role of Percival Wyems Madison in Barrington stage’s adaptation of Lord of the Flies. The first week of rehearsals has been hectic but also very exciting. The past six days have been filled with table work, spears, pigs, British accents, cookies, beginning and ending rituals, and lots and LOTS of reading. The transition from the Youth theatre to this faced paced professional show has been difficult at times but I’m learning so much. From the stage to the actors the show is going to be absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for all of you to see it!! Read more about Joey.