Our Disney’s Little Mermaid JR. costume package includes 13 principal costumes, 3 blacklight costumes and 7 Under the Sea Creatures!

We provide the hard stuff and don’t make you rent the easy stuff – you provide your own leotards and street clothes and we provide the rest! Rent this collection in units (principals, blacklight, or under the sea) or as a whole collection for the best value.

Principal Costumes:


Ariel 3  MermaidBSC13KSPRA.256  MermaidBSC13KSPRA.728


Mer-Sisters  MermaidBSC13KSPRA.102

Flounder, Sebastian and King Triton

MermaidBSC13KSPRA.057  Flounder  Sebastion Pose  Triton Front


MermaidBSC13KSPRA.201  MermaidBSC13KSPRA.657

Flotsam and Jetsam

MermaidBSC13KSPRA.590  Flotsam and Jetsam Front  Flotsom and Jetsom back

Gulls (three complete looks)

Gulls Pose

Click here to view more photos of Barrington Stage’s production of Disney’s Little Mermaid JR.

For more information on renting costumes or props from Barrington Stage contact Tristan Wilson at 413-997-6104 or email.

Thank you for considering Barrington Stage to outfit your show.

Disney’s Little Mermaid JR. production photos by Kevin Sprague, 2013.